When the Roaring is Weeping

Protests are often sketched as violence. Sensationalism highlights the confrontation with systems, peoples, and infrastructure emerging from them. Marchers are roaring through the streets, uncivilized, and out of control. But such rallies are often more weeping than roaring. Like tears, a group of bodies floods roads. They have no other recourse for the depth ofContinue reading “When the Roaring is Weeping”

Bait and Switch

The obscurantist elites… understood [long ago] that, if they wanted to survive in comfort, they had to stop pretending, even in their dreams, to share the earth with the rest of the world. Bruno Latour in Down to Earth Rockets and fireworks discharged, sending each on its course. One an escapist pipedream, another a fightContinue reading “Bait and Switch”