Mobile device micro-attention is the scattergood of our day. The spendthrift divulges on our devices and the emptiness from feeling bankrupted by them. Where has my time and attention gone? When time comes chopped up into minuscule moments, it seems so cheap and easy to give away. When we pay long, sustained focus on somethingContinue reading “Scattergood”


Straight-talk is overrated, as Latour suggests. Truth has made us numb to speaking well about something. The anfractuous path reminds us to take things seriously in their own right, for they might teach us something. Truth is just a scheme forced on objects. In truth, things show us nothing, they just mouth what we knowContinue reading “Anfractuous”


Inside these coffers lie treasures untold. The murky underground potential we explore, the savings, and layers of meaning unfolding. In the black hole, the quantum entanglement, the soft breeze, they all untangle for us and others unlike us. A tree falls in the forest, and everything around it is placed on notice—given a difference announcementContinue reading “Coffers”


They come both in the utmost disruption or the crease in a canvass. Normality disrupted by the shiny bursting forth with and through forces unknown. It forces us to revisit the graveyard of our language, metaphors undergirding words long forgotten. Grappling with the agonizing awe mirabilia brings, we gasp and grasp beneath prose for ourContinue reading “Mirabilia”


Asian mystic traditions and Christian eschatology mingle into a silicon dream. The singularity realizes history’s technological forces, but as with any eschaton, it fractures the world. Unlike the spiritual revolutions of the past, however, all are not invited to take part. As a reality-denying elitist Gnosticism, it seems the perfect religion for those who haveContinue reading “Singularity”