Often, joyful moments are only truly appreciated in retrospect. Perhaps, as the Romantics believed, it’s necessary to fully soak up experience before gleaning true meaning for the purposes of recording, recollecting, redistributing. The clock runs without permission; life is as full as one is open to allow – to be taken and take on, ratherContinue reading “Time”


At no point did her attention wane as she selflessly handed each person a sandwich. Her attention transubstantiated a hand-out into a gift. Each gift received turned the written law of love into living law. A dove descended and dwelled among them in this holy economy which transacts in nothing and yet in everything.


Our theology has become gnostology, and there were bound to be heretics. Information abounding, heretics pick up an information thread but missteps slightly, putting the missed into misinformation. Harboring a slight doubt in a well-established trusted chain sends the heretic adrift encouraged by algorithms trained and feeding on our gnoseological addition. How does one rehabilitateContinue reading “Infodemic”


Influence stretches like a rubber band, slowly roping in others. Some drift until found, then flouting with the group’s whims as the elastic stretches and tightens. Others push and pull at its boundaries. A few forget the band’s plasticity altogether and declare its bounds Truth. For them, the rubber band’s freedom becomes a noose.


Misunderstood! I blame the Stoics who made it a technical term. As an Ancient Greek verb, it meant “worthy of” rather than our use now as “foundational.” Axiomatic means speaking well rather than speaking the truth. After all, if one claims an axiomatic truth, one can just choose any truth wants without considering the goodContinue reading “Axiomatic”