Often, joyful moments are only truly appreciated in retrospect. Perhaps, as the Romantics believed, it’s necessary to fully soak up experience before gleaning true meaning for the purposes of recording, recollecting, redistributing. The clock runs without permission; life is as full as one is open to allow – to be taken and take on, ratherContinue reading “Time”

Beautifully broken

Some things only make sense as a unit when dissected in fragments. Perhaps we put too much expectation on how the pieces should fit together, how the bigger picture should look. It takes multi-focal strands of stories to create a meaningful narrative. Sometimes it’s only in this state of scattered particles can we truly gainContinue reading “Beautifully broken”

I’ve never told anyone this before

A willing ear. Simply happening to be near. A suspicion of shared association. All things that can spark a secret revelation. Someone once told me there are people like this. Magnets for stories, be it boredom or bliss. Their mere presence sparks wandering souls to open up. Trust doesn’t seem a big factor – truthContinue reading “I’ve never told anyone this before”

The bad habit of self doubt

It’s a bit like – or actually – it’s exactly the attempt to erase the first correct answer, to write down a second best, a third guess … likely later sentenced as an “incorrect” response. Why? Because attempts at a “good” impression will always be trumped by the truth – however imperfect it might seemContinue reading “The bad habit of self doubt”

Unnecessary things

The lady next door has a sisterly knack of putting things (and people) in their place. Evening tea is shared with stories of ousted former colleagues, a racist or three who had to own up to their narrow-mindedness, hygiene lessons to her co-workers and her mother’s condoned kitchen habits. Courtesy of late night lockdown treats,Continue reading “Unnecessary things”

The Things that have No Name

When last did you stumble across a piece of narrative that somehow pierced through the present to the reality of your past? A story offering to diagnose your own unspoken, yet deeply personal experience. The protests of the soul are often sparked by the restlessness of an undelivered message, simply yearning for the restoration ofContinue reading “The Things that have No Name”