They come both in the utmost disruption or the crease in a canvass. Normality disrupted by the shiny bursting forth with and through forces unknown. It forces us to revisit the graveyard of our language, metaphors undergirding words long forgotten. Grappling with the agonizing awe mirabilia brings, we gasp and grasp beneath prose for ourContinue reading “Mirabilia”


Asian mystic traditions and Christian eschatology mingle into a silicon dream. The singularity realizes history’s technological forces, but as with any eschaton, it fractures the world. Unlike the spiritual revolutions of the past, however, all are not invited to take part. As a reality-denying elitist Gnosticism, it seems the perfect religion for those who haveContinue reading “Singularity”


When did resolved hardness become a virtue? Was there some Thomistic meeting declaring unadulterated truth forever that I missed? If our short democratic experiment taught us anything, we should know how fragile and laborious it is to build societal trust. Any diamond-like society forgets one must invite the other to the table every day. ShareContinue reading “Adamantine”