When did resolved hardness become a virtue? Was there some Thomistic meeting declaring unadulterated truth forever that I missed? If our short democratic experiment taught us anything, we should know how fragile and laborious it is to build societal trust. Any diamond-like society forgets one must invite the other to the table every day. ShareContinue reading “Adamantine”

When the Roaring is Weeping

Protests are often sketched as violence. Sensationalism highlights the confrontation with systems, peoples, and infrastructure emerging from them. Marchers are roaring through the streets, uncivilized, and out of control. But such rallies are often more weeping than roaring. Like tears, a group of bodies floods roads. They have no other recourse for the depth ofContinue reading “When the Roaring is Weeping”

Shouting “I”

We may say broadly that free thought is the best of all the safeguard against freedom Slavoj Žižek Those who shout “I” the loudest have little “I.” The cult of hyper-individualism forgets its reliance on various structures. Everything is for me, a “me,” which would not exist without others. Knowing I become through human andContinue reading “Shouting “I””