Opening Up

All address, no doubt, contains at least silently these words: “I pray that you will listen to me.”

Jean-Luc Nancy in Dis-Enclosure: The Deconstruction of Christianity

We all advertise, and each advert is an advent. We compose ourselves for others. No matter if such composition is online or in real life: the only difference between these two is the speed at which we advert, the former being ironically slower. One can question the content and form of a particular advert genre in terms of fashions, sociologies, psychologies, and so forth. Another question one could ask about our drive to advert, compose, and advent ourselves is, why do we do it at all? Why open oneself to the world, so it opens a slither for you?

2 thoughts on “Opening Up

  1. Perhaps listening to ourselves is what we are really avoiding. While the need for affirmation – particularly evident in the spheres of social media – seems to be endless, I feel we often lack to establish ‘self-composure’. Too easily many seem to live off the crumbs of compliments, comments, likes of others – or any attention if being noticed could indicate a possibility of importance. Yet this never builds a self-esteem or rids anybody (and yes emphasis on body) from insecurity. What if we risked really being happy with how we authentically come to be? To live in a reality where ‘putting ourselves out there’ is just pitching in full form of developing characteristics. Not to gain something from the world but to give something. Because to be alive means to have been given something – an existence. And the advert, the advent, the composure find form in relationship, to welcome others to join in being.


    1. Every-thing that exists for us “puts itself out there,” even in the negative; otherwise, we would not know it exists. Every-thing gives and shares a little of their being with us, it is up to us to hear their prayer to us: “be with us in some way.”

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